Offer for BMW, AUDI, FORD cars

Service time: 1 – 3h

We code cars imported from the USA / JAPAN, adapting them to operate in Europe. In this, we tune the radios to work with European radio waves, modify the lamps by software adapting them to European traffic, including coding side marker lamps SIDEMARKER (no need to replace the lights), activate fog lights, adjust the navigation and update the European navigation database, adapt the on-board computer of the car to metric units and we translate the entire system into a car.

BMW from the USA cheap, but is it worth it?

– using the example of the BMW F30 2014 320i xDrive

The prices of cars in the USA are much lower than those imported from other countries. What activities should be performed after bringing such a car?
First of all, re-coding requires the navigation / radio system because the radio is set to different frequencies. Without it, you will not be able to listen to most Polish radio stations.
The next steps are changing the region for the DVD, changing the language to Polish both in the navigation / radio system and on the indicators.

We also cannot forget that cars in the USA have “sidemarkers” or “marker” lights shining orange on the bumper or the blinker light is used for this.
In most cases, the headlamps do not need to be changed, nor do they need to be redone. It is enough to “recode” them properly. In turn, it is required to replace the rear lamps because they have red indicators.

Another stop is to buy an activation code for the navigation system and update it to the European version (in the case of this F30 it was not necessary, because the car is without factory navigation).

Today we had the opportunity to make such a full conversion in a friendly workshop. It happened without any modifications. The car is fully European at an American price.
The car is only revealed by the clocks displaying both mp / h and km / h. And if it is a disadvantage for someone, we inform you that they can be changed. The operation is simple and relatively cheap.
To sum up: in our opinion, it is worth buying, taking into account the price and availability of spare parts, such a car is worth buying. The conversion procedure is not complicated and BMWs from the US are practically identical to those from Europe.