A special offer for BMW cars

Service time: 2-3h (Fxx series: 3-6h, Exx series)

Updating the drivers of the entire car to the latest versions and security levels.
(applies to all models and years)

Why is it so important to update the car?

Today’s cars, especially BMW are one big computer equipped with many CONTROLLERS (small computers) working together. Each of them is responsible and controls the assigned parts of the car, e.g. gearbox, engine, lights, meter, car protection etc. Each of them has individual software.

When the car leaves the factory, the software is “up-to-date” at that time. During operation, millions of cars around the world go to the service, where breakdowns are removed and diagnostic data on failures are analyzed. Based on them technicians update the software so that repeated errors and faults no longer occur. At the same time, the car factory security algorithms are constantly improved, especially in the case of key and keyless access. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to have the latest software version in your car.

What does the update give?

Improves security. Without it, a car with old software is easy to open and steal. An updated car is much safer. Removes minor and more serious faults. Often we are not even aware that the car is not working properly and optimally.

There are errors in the controllers, and the car’s components wear out more (the engine and its components, gearbox mechatronics, sensors and all electronically controlled components, i.e. almost everything in the case of BMW cars). By updating the car, we extend its life, avoid minor but annoying faults and accelerate its operation.

In addition, the new software improves the current one and introduces a number of new, interesting functions.

How often should I update my car?

BMW technicians release new software versions almost every month. Even for older cars that have not been produced for several years. Therefore, we recommend updating times every 2 years.

How are customers feeling after the update?

  • improvement of factory anti-theft car security, in particular with the keyless system,
  • new engine maps (usually more power, quieter and softer operation, greater engine dynamics),
  • better gearbox operation – no jerks, faster work, smarter gear management,
  • no notoriously appearing errors in drivers,
  • the possibility of activating the Internet and BMW Online,
  • the possibility of activating the Polish language and the Polish Menu,
  • better work culture of the engine – quieter and softer operation, greater engine dynamics,
  • no minor problems with the car’s electronics, e.g. disconnecting phones, etc.,
  • faster work of navigation and multimedia,
  • many others.