We offer the service of checking the mileage and history of the vehicle based on the last 7 characters of the VIN number of the vehicle

2 packages to choose from:

  • mileage: reading the last entry in the key from BMW service,
  • mileage + history: reading the last entry in the key from BMW service + repair history,

Our service history reports are prepared individually for each customer and contain everything important about the car:

  • list of visits with the course and date,
  • a list of the parts replaced during the visits, the activities performed, information on changing the oil, filters, etc.,
  • description of the sheet metal repairs carried out,
  • list of the vehicle’s original equipment and the exact date of production of the car,
  • information on the service actions carried out,

It does not matter what country the vehicle comes from. We verify cars from all markets. We send the story by e-mail.