Offer for BMW and AUDI cars

Service time: 30 minutes – 1 hour

BMW and Audi cars are very technologically advanced. Due to the huge range of configuration possibilities, manufacturers “place” (activate | deactivate | hide) in their software “special codes”. We are able to customize these codes individually for each client.

Coding is a change of parameters already existing in a given car controller.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of the free individual offer. For this purpose, we ask for the last 7 VIN numbers of your car to verify the equipment and prepare a full, individual and free offer.

Depending on the car and its equipment, there are many codes. Below, we present only some of them:

  • unlocking the function of watching movies while driving,
  • additional menu – current power and torque,
  • deactivation of the “Auto Start Stop” system,
  • automatic folding of the mirrors from the remote control after locking the car,
  • changing the delay time of folding the mirrors from the remote control,
  • closing the tailgate with the remote control,
  • closing the tailgate from inside the car,
  • customization of daytime running lights (DRL),
  • Video playback directly from USB in various formats for CIC NBT,
  • changing the type of backlight clocks,
  • activation of the digital instantaneous combustion meter,
  • digital speed meter in the panel of clocks,
  • warning flashing at the same time with halogens and traffic lights,
  • daytime running lights (DRL) light intensity change,
  • remote sliding and closing of windows and sunroof with remote control,
  • activation of emergency brake lights,
  • selective door opening,
  • changing the power of road lights,
  • activation of fog halogens, including traffic lights,
  • deactivation of interrupting the lifting of windows when the door is opened,
  • deactivation of the audible signal when unfastening the seat belts,
  • deactivation of the graphic and audible warning about unfastened seat belts,
  • additional information on the Phone and Entertainment on the HUD,
  • deactivation of the warning (Disclaimer) when using Night Vision,
  • deactivation of the warning (Disclaimer) when using parktronic and cameras,
  • I-Drive Disclaimer deactivation,
  • direction indicators displayed on the HUD,
  • change the splash screen animation for NBT,
  • tire pressure and temperature on the TPMS display,
  • automatically unlocking the door after turning off the engine,
  • welcome lights,
  • wyłączenie testowania oświetlenia,
  • disabling lighting testing,,
  • aktywacja CarPlay oraz Screen Mirroring podczas jazdy,
  • activation of reading SLI (Speed Limit Info) characters,
  • others …